National Museum of Scotland 

Edinburgh, Scotland

This is one of the finest Victorian museums in the United Kingdom; its collection represents the diversity of thought and activity that emerged from the Scottish Enlightenment. Visitors take a journey of discovery through Scottish history, the natural world, world cultures, science, technology, art, and design.

A comprehensive master plan was developed with the museum, to reposition it as an internationally recognized learning attraction. The project refurbished fourteen galleries and the grand gallery.

According to Dr. Gordon Rintoul, Director of the National Museums of Scotland, “The museum has quickly become both a well-loved favorite and a fantastic showcase for everyone who visits Scotland.” The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions has named it the most visited attraction outside of London.

National Museum of Scotland

Gareth Hoskins Architects


73,195 square feet

  • The Civic Trust Award

  • Creativity International Awards, Honorable Mention, Environmental Graphics

  • Museums + Heritage Award, Permanent Exhibition

  • Arts Fund Prize, Short List (of 10)

  • Industrial Designers Society of America, Finalist, International Design Excellence Award, Best Environment

  • Arts Fund Prize, Longlist

  • The Civic Trust Special Award

  • Graphis Design Annual 2013, Silver - Exhibits,

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