Royal Academy of Music Museum

London, England

The world-renowned Royal Academy of Music, founded in 1822, trains students from 50 countries in 20 musical disciplines every year. The goal of its museum and collections—instruments, art, photography, manuscripts, and scores—is to highlight music’s capacity to inspire, unite, console, and stimulate.


Designed by John Nash, the landmarked building has three galleries of permanent installations and regularly changing displays and exhibitions.


Visitors can view rare treasures: Amati, Cremonasie, and Stradivari violins and original scores by composers such as Purcell and Elgar. Students have access to historical instruments, and they perform live for visitors. A window provides a view into a luthiers’ workshop that keeps the instruments in playing condition; daily programs attract students, teachers, and visitors.

A flexible mounting system for the museum’s temporary-exhibition gallery facilitates the updating of exhibits, many of them designed by RAA.


John McAslan & Partners


5,000 square feet

  • The Civic Trust Award, Commendation for Exhibition Design

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