Royal Alberta Museum

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Royal Alberta Museum is the crown of Alberta arts institutions and the largest museum in Western Canada, where art, design, community, nature and language come together to tell the story of ‘our province’ — 13,000 years of human history set within millennia of natural history in an inspiring signature place where true stories told respectfully and inclusively integrate Indigenous and settler history to see the past from a new perspective. After a multi-year redevelopment project, the museum reopened to the public in October 2018.

Its mission is to preserve and tell the story of Alberta—the experience of the people over time—and to inspire Albertans to explore and understand the world around them. RAA conceived and developed exhibition designs for the Human History and Natural History wings, First Nations galleries, and public spaces. RAA also managed the executive production of media and completed graphic production for all galleries.


50,000 square feet

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